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Europese Vorstenhuizen

Informatie oorspronkelijke GEDCOM ROYAL92:
You may make this Royal GEDCOM available available to whomever.
As you know this is a work in process and have received suggestions,
corrections and additions from all over the planet...
some even who claim to be descended from Charlemange, himself!

The weakest part of the Royals is in the French and Spanish lines.
I found that many of the French Kings had multiple mistresses whose
descendants claimed noble titles, and the Throne itself in some
cases.  I have had the hardest time finding good published sources
for French and Spanish Royalty.

If you do post it to a BBS or send it around, I would appreciate
it if you'd append a message to the effect that I would welcome
comments and suggestions and possible sources to improve
the database.

Since the Royals had so many names and many titles it was difficult
to "fill in the blanks" with their name.  In the previous version,
I included all their titles, names, monikers in the notes.

Thanks for your interest.   Denis Reid


Achternaam Top 30 (totaal aantal personen):

Hanover (70)
Romanov (66)
Stuart (34)
Howard (29)
Windsor (29)
Tudor (21)
Seymour (20)
Hohenzollern (18)
Oldenburg (18)
Wurttemberg (18)
Wittelsbach (17)
Beaufort (15)
Lascelles (15)
Mortimer (15)
Spencer (15)
Ferguson (13)
Bowes-Lyon (12)
Mountbatten (12)
Hamilton (11)
Dudley (10)
Grey (9)
Stewart (9)
McCorquodale (7)
Bingham (6)
Bruce (6)
Cartland (6)
Ferner (6)
George (6)
Holland (6)
Knollys (6)
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Plaatsen overzicht

Top 30 grootste plaatsen (totaal aantal plaatsen):

England (410)
France (139)
Germany (60)
Denmark (34)
Sweden (28)
Russia (24)
Greece (20)
Italy (19)
Austria (15)
Spain (14)
Belgium (13)
Scotland (12)
Netherlands (12)
Munich (11)
Castle (11)
Romania (9)
Herrenhausen (9)
Leicester House (8)
Amalienborg (7)
Cathedral (7)
Buckingham House (7)
Woodstock (7)
The Hague (6)
Copenhagen (6)
Portugal (6)
Switzerland (6)
Laeken (6)
Norway (6)
Greenwich Palace (5)
Canada (5)
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